2017 will mark the fifth year of the wildly popular annual coaster show at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. The origins of the concept came from the need to fill gallery walls after a last minute event cancellation. The local artist’s community, as well as gallery regulars, quickly came to the rescue producing enough of the quirky little masterpieces to make the event a huge success. The show retains its whimsical beginnings and keeps a price-cap on the artwork that inspires impulse-buyers and discriminating collectors to binge on the financially remorse-free original artwork.

Determined to be included in all the fun I have painted these four little pieces to submit for consideration to the La Luz de Jesus Gallery 5th Annual Coaster Show.

With my sincere apologies to; Botochelli, Bouguereau, Ricci and  Michelangelo.

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