Shortly after the first public showing of my work at Chopper Fest 13 and before the second exhibition (Laluzapalooza 31) at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in 2017, I was contacted by Anna Marco, Sr. Feature Editor at Koolhouse Publishing-Ol Skool Rodz & Car Kulture Deluxe Magazines. She expressed a desire to cover my motorcycle art in their magazine and wanted to know if I had 12 images for print publication. I responded that no, I only had 6 and one more just about to be completed, “I did have some older paintings, wood carvings and sculpture work if she was interested”. I was sent a series of interview questions and general informational forms that I diligently answered and sent-off, along with images of my older artwork. Unfortunately the preponderance of nudity, motorcycle club affiliation and an absence of a direct connection with hot-rods or motorcycles in my remaining work put me under the 12 piece criteria for publication. I was thanked for my efforts and asked to summit some more appropriate work when it became available. Just about a year later as I was preparing for a postponed Chopper Fest 14, I realized I had amassed an additional 12 motorcycle paintings since my last contact.

What is presented here and now available at local and international newsstands is the results of a persistent and delightful Anna Marco and a very greatful artist.

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