I am very excited to have been honored with an invitation to the 15th Annual Chopper Fest Art and Culture Show. This will be my 3rd consecutive year participating in this iconic event showcasing contemporary artists working in the genre of motorcycle, hot rod, and low brow art. This show has a special significance to me because it was the first time any of my paintings have been on public display and the first time any of my artwork (as an adult) had been exhibited to the public outside of a motion picture screen.

The Ventura County Fairgrounds are a nostalgic venue for me as I am transported back to weekends camped in the parking lot, tripping to the Grateful Dead, of riding down for swap meets, and sunsets, a chance to savor the memories of Brothers and bikes that are long gone.

Chopper Fest always leaves me wondering “how could I possibly talk so damn much”, and reminds me that “there are still a lot of cool people out there”.


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