After spending thirty plus years working in the motion picture industry, I recently decided to focus all of my efforts into being a full-time artist.

Artist Statment

My artwork is about paradoxes, represented visually with the language of narrative realism.  I want to express the fascination I have for the infinite vistas within the details of the mundane, to share the epiphany of realizing what seems familiar and pointless is actually unique and limitless. 

A brief personal history

I spent my childhood and young adult years in the east LA area of the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. I worked as a woodcarver and attended Cal State Long Beach. During college, I was presented with an opportunity to work with a master woodworker.  After a few years, the master woodworker and I acquired a business.

Our shop did designer prototypes, furniture, and art pieces. We also made architectural details, performed restorations, fabricated trade show exhibits, and built props. After my mentor-partner passed away, I shut the doors to our shop and went into full-time feature film work.

After a particularly grueling year (in the later ’90’s), I took some time off of film work and did a commissioned woodcarving for a local Catholic Parish. I also started to paint again. I had stopped painting shortly after dropping out of college. The ensuing years have been a patchwork of motion picture carpentry and personal projects.

In late 2016, I decided to show some of my work and see what kind of reaction it got.

I have been humbled and delighted by the response.

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